Police Report Increase in Violence Outside California Clubs

For the second time, someone has been found outside the Center City nightclub after they’ve been knocked unconscious. The first time this happened, no one was aware of the incident until a video of the incident was posted on YouTube. The video was later removed. That particular incident took place at 1:30am.

Bouncer-knocks-young-man-outDuring the video, the individual who was clubbed and left lying on the ground, unconscious, walks up to a man and speaks to him. Most of the conversation is indistinct, but at one point the victim can be heard saying, “Now if you hit me and you swing and you miss can I still go inside?” It isn’t long before the much larger man balls up his fist, draws back his arm, and punches the victim in the face. The video ends shortly after the victim crumbles to the sidewalk where he remains unconscious.

According to one witness, the larger man was a club bouncer and the victim an individual who had been kicked out of the club and was hoping that if they could convince the bouncer to punch him, he’d be allowed back in. The witness reports that the victim was only unconscious for approximately a minute before they regained their feet and started speaking to others who were outside the club.

“The guy was fine,” the witness said. “He did have a gash in his head so he went to the hospital in an ambulance. The bouncer walked away and got in a car that rolled up and that was that.”

Coda Club owner, Dan Gross, doesn’t agree with one aspect of the witnesses statement. He claim that the larger man is not affiliated with the Coda Club and has never worked for them in a bouncer capacity.

It was later revealed that the large man who threw the punch was actually an off duty employee of Mainline Security. After seeing the video, Mainline Security severed all professional ties with the individual.

Coda_Punch_Philly.07c5bc90.fill-735x490A second, and apparently separate incident, currently has California police once again looking at the Coda Club parking lot. This time a 25-year-old individual when to the police and reported that a Coda bouncer assaulted them. At the time, the second victim reported that they didn’t have any injuries.

When the second incident was first reported, the police believed that the individual was actually the victim in the first video, but when the investigated the matter further, they learned that there were indeed two different cases, even though there were a lot of similarities between the two episodes.

California personal injury attorney Drew Warren fully expects that a personal injury claim will be filed shortly. “In the first incident there’s evidence suggesting that the victim was hurt and required medical attention. Filing a personal injury claim naming both Coda Club and Mainline Security would be the best way for the individual to pay their medical expenses.”